Below are a few tips and recommendations before uploading files to us. We only consider artwork to be print-ready if it meets the following requirements, and no further adjustments are required in-house. To avoid additional costs to your printing (incurred when our designers are required to make final amendments before printing), please ensure that if you are providing us with print-ready artwork, you have checked through the requirements below and your material is, in fact, ready for print.

  • High resolution and print quality artwork, PDF's preferred. The PDF colour space must be four-colour CMYK.
  • It’s also worth checking that your PDF:
    • matches the finished size on your quote, and
    • only contains spot (PMS) colours if specified on your quote.
  • Include bleed & trim (unless advised by our staff otherwise) – no other markings required
  • Ensure all images/logos/design elements are in high resolution. Colour images should be down-sampled to 300DPI.

If you’re unsure about whether or not you’re artwork is print-ready, or you require a further explanation, please call us on (02) 9371 1891



Transferring your files electronically to us

If you are unable to bring in artwork on USB, you can use our electronic file uploader.

Keep in mind these factors

  • Please save & upload files to a reasonable file size to avoid slow upload
  • Name files correctly
  • You must have an internet connection, preferably broadband or cable
  • Only one file can be transferred at a time, although you can make as many individual transfers as you like

NOTE: If sending more than one file, we recommend that you zip all files together into one archive folder so that you only need to send one file.